Congrats on taking this
Major step Forward!

Now that we’ve got your first session scheduled, there are just a few more steps to get started.

Watch this Quick-Start video here, because I’ll explain everything you’ll need 
to get started.

Step One: Complete Your
Program Intake Form

To help you achieve your results incredibly quickly, it helps to know where you’re starting. Please complete your intake form below, because it helps make your program even more effective.

Click Here to Access the Intake Forms, because we’ve moved our Intake Forms online to streamline the process.

Step Two: Review & Sign Your
Program Agreement

This agreement lays out everything that’s included in your program, as well as everything that will be provided to help you reach your success. It also lays out client expectations for hypnotic success.

Click Here to Access the Forms, because you can sign them electronically, or print them to sign. Please send completed forms to:

Step Two: Review the Intake Forms

Please watch the brief video below, because this will explain the client agreement in full detail. This helps make sure we’re on the same page about all aspects of your hypnotic program.

"I’ve done multiple hypnosis sessions with Doug to work on stress relief. I have tried yoga, headspace meditation, and therapy and none of them are as effective as hypnosis.

The sessions themselves are incredibly relaxing, allowing me to reach a meditative state.

Doug has helped me cultivate a set of practices to access this state outside of our sessions. This has improved my ability to cope with stress."

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Step Three: Motivatonal Audio

Hypnosis is a learned skill, and it can be improved with practice. To help make your sessions even more effective, I’ve created a brief hypnosis audio for you to use before our first session.


This audio will show you what the hypnotic experience is like for you, and will help build powerful motivation to make that change. Listen to this audio 1-3 times before our first session, because this helps make the change even more effectively

Click Here to Download Your Motivational Audio. For best results, save it to your phone or computer to access later.

Step four: Send In Handwritten Goals

Scientific studies have shown just how effective it is to write out our goals. The act of writing down exactly what you want helps to tune your mind towards your precise target.

To make your program even more effective, please write out your Top Three goals on a single sheet of unlined paper.

Then, snap a picture of it with your phone, and send it to Doug’s email ( or to Doug’s work cell at 608-572-7562.


"Doug was masterful and effective... I left the session feeling much better, and my sleep and anxiety problems abated.

I would HIGHLY recommend Doug's services to anyone looking for alternative ways of coping with stress or trouble sleeping"

Step Five: Mark Your Session on the calendar

Remember to mark your first session on the calendar, because you won’t want to miss it! 

If you miss a session, you may have to pay a $75 administrative fee, or forfeit the funds for that session. Missed sessions have a huge impact. Not only does it waste your time (and Doug’s too). It also means that others who are ready to change their life, can’t fit into the schedule.

Please mark your calendar and set reminders, because these sessions will help you make that change – rapidly.

ANd that's it!

If you have any questions, please reach out via email at:    

Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you again, very soon. Let’s make this change happen!

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