Weight Loss


Ready to finally lose that extra weight and live the life you want to live? Let’s make it happen – Today.

No more fad diets, no more Yo-Yoing, and no more guilt and frustration. This hypnosis gets your mind working WITH your goals, instead of against them. With these automatic habits, you’ll achieve those goals in no time.

Here’s what you’re getting in this Hypnosis Audio:


– Fired-Up Metabolism

– Relief from Specific Food Cravings 

– Improved Self-Esteem 

Habits for the Long-Term


Ready for your better life without extra weight? Get this audio today, because you deserve the healthier life that’s waiting for you here.

Doug Sands is the Consulting Hypnotist who helps change lives all over the world, helping clients overcome everything from sleep issues to extra weight, from public speaking to PTSD and more. He specializes in weight issues, disordered eating, and body image issues. To learn more, check out the “Weight Loss with Hypnosis” podcast. To contact Doug directly, go to www.AnywhereHypnosis.com.



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