Doug's Most-Requested Keynotes

Your Greatest Ally - or Biggest Liability?
How to Get Your Mind On Your Side

60 minutes, or 90 minutes

Right now, your people are losing out each and every day, to their own brains.

Our minds are built to lose momentum, focus, and drive – so how do you help your teams stop fighting themselves to get things done? And how do they maintain those changes, day in and day out, to meet both their goals, and yours?

In this humorous and engaging keynote, Doug teaches and empowers all levels of employees, by giving them the psychological tools to reduce the drag and resistance that’s currently holding them back. He then teaches how to make your brain into your greatest ally, like an AI program that’s running automatically towards your goals.

Why Motivation Never Lasts: Your Subconscious is Cutting You Short

60 minutes, or 90 minutes

Motivation is a terrible long-term fuel – and you can see how much it’s hurting the bottom line. Each quarter, you’re spending a painfully high amount trying to re-invigorate your teams – only to have that motivation run out again in a matter of days.

What if instead, you could have your employees motivate themselves?

In this powerful talk, Doug shares why it isn’t about pep talks or deadlines. He teaches your employees psychological tools from neuroscience, NLP, and even self-hypnosis to “trick” your brain into automatic motivation – each and every day – for production, job satisfaction, and of course, the bottom line.

“Entertaining and incredibly valuable. The best speaker we had at the conference.

Not only did Doug’s talk keep everyone engaged – I’m still seeing people use his tools around the office a year later!
Rita Barnes
Director of Sales, Excelsior
Doug saved our Sales Team. We’d been pushing them hard, but not in the right way.

One of my top performers told me later that [Doug’s] tools helped him quit pushing towards burnout, and set him up for his best month yet.

We’ve booked him for our other conventions already.
Michael Roark
Sales & Marketing Director, Lithium Industries

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