Reducing Stress


How do you handle stress in your life? Is it easy, or is stress running your life?


It’s not the stressors that stress us out – it’s our reaction to them. Whether you need to be cool under pressure, or simply want less stress in life, this hypnosis will help get you there. It’s been used for centuries to help reduce stress for thousands of people across the world.


When you get this hypnosis, you’re getting three powerful audio tracks:


  • An educational track to lay the groundwork to overcome stress and build calm in our lives.


  • A full hypnosis track to change your reaction to stress in life, automatically.


  • A 15-min. Hypnosis audio to help immediately reduce stress in the moment. It’s your emergency tool for overcoming acute stress.


Ready to reduce that stress once and for all? Get this hypnosis today, because you deserve the life with the peace of mind that’s waiting for you.



Doug Sands is the Consulting Hypnotist who helps change lives all over the world, helping clients overcome everything from sleep issues to extra weight, from public speaking to PTSD and more. To contact Doug directly, go to


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